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Paul Gregor is one of those guys, you just can’t have no fun with. Looking forward to our ultimate emotional showdown this saturday out at the 4th Gängeviertel birthday festival in Hamburg. Spread your wings and love around the planet. All night long!

Here’s a little preview from my crates!

Jorge Ben – Oé Oé Faz o Carro de Boi na Estrada


Wally Badarou – Endless Race


Jasper Vant Hof – Pili Pili (Johnwaynes Edit)


Suns of Arqua – Brujo Magic


Muriel Dacq – Tropique


Evelyn King – I’m In Love


Lee Marrow – Shanghai


Azoto – Havah Nagilah


Asso – Do It Again


The Units – High Pressure Days (Todd Terje Remix)


Kingcats – Down In California (Albion Edit)

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First edit and a highly recommended documentary

I played in Hamburg last sunday and spent two extra days in the city to recreate. We went record shopping yesterday and I got hooked by two Kid Creole & The Coconuts albums. I couldn’t sleep when I came back in the evening so I decided to try some editing of the track “Table Manners” from the album Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places.

I also would like to recommend that BBC documentary about Island Records, one of the most influential independent Pop Music labels in history. Island Records had a tremendous rooster including Jimmy Cliff, Jethro Tull, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Grace Jones and U2, just to name a few. Kid Creole & The Coconuts were also signed on the label, that’s what gave me the inspiration to listen to their stuff. The documentary was made in 2009 and somebody just put it onto Youtube, so check it out if you want to gain some extra knowledge about Pop history.

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Labeltip: Themes for Great Cities (Psychedelic/Kraut)

I guess I am a little late with that, but it’s never too late to subscribe for good music. One of my favourite DJs Lena Willikens already recommended me Themes For Great Cities a while ago. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to hunt for the records yet, but now I am back on the trail. The label is run by Düsseldorf’s own Jan Schulte and focusses on Krautrock and other kinds of Psychedlic music. The pressing is always highly limited, so music lovers should better run and get their copies while there are still a few editions avaible.


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Another summerhit on Black Rox

No more words! Hulla hulla. Seema senna si heyy!

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Telephones on Sex Tags UFO

Berlin is having a refreshing shower at the moment, but Norwegian jungle boy, the one and only Telephones is back with two fresh tutti-frutty Tropical House tracks on Sex Tags UFO. First track is a collaboration with label owner DJ Burger Fett, the flip side brings us some epic solo action. The copies are at the moment exclusively available at OYE Records and Hardwax. I got my copy you-know-where. The artwork is lovely as on all records from the Sex Tags family. I am totally in love with the guitar playing banana. Should be my next tattoo..  Get your copies while it’s hot (what an ironic wordplay since it’s raining).

If you don’t have a chance to grab your copy at the moment, kill your time by listening to his killer all-telephones songs mix for Vice magazine. He has a lot of other cool mixes as well, but this is just the best. Digg it!

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Psychedelic Shit

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve aka Richard Norris & Erol Alkan just uploaded the full clip of their last year’s record ‘Black Noise’. It’s still such an outstanding track. If anybody can give me good recommendations of new and old tracks for this kind of Psychedelic Shit (as world’s best record shop OYE Records categorised it) please leave a comment or mail to katovl(ät)

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Podcast for Tanzmichmal

My old buddy Ron Wilson asked me a year ago, if I wanted to make a contribution for the TANZMICHMAL podcast series. Since we founded the project together 5 years ago, but kind of went into different directions after two years, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to make a special mix for my old peers. It took a while to find a slot and the right timing, but now my thesis is finished and I just had to do it.

I wanted to create something special and present a couple of tunes and gimmicks, that wanted to come out during the past years, but never had the chance. The mix itself was recorded with Vinyl and was later complemented by a ridiculous amount of additional dubbings. The first half could be the soundtrack of a road trip straight through the desert of Mexico sliding slowly into some tripped-up slow dance shoot out. Hang Loose and enjoy!

“Im Club legt man andere Musik auf als man zum Beispiel zu Hause hört.”

Intro (DJ Koze Interview)
Daniel Mathieu – C’etait Un Beau Dimanche [36 Records 1976]
Low Motion Disco – The Low Murderer Is Out At Night [Eskimo Recordings 2008]
Dominik Von Senger – Only Love Can Take Us Home (Welcome Stranger Mix 1) [Golf Channel 2012]
Unknown Artist – Mateki (Cos/Mes Remix) [ESP Institute 2010]
Sun Electric – Beauty O’Locco [R&S Electric 1993]
Discossession – Mahmood’s Moon [Crue-L Records 2008]
Fence – Yebo! [Pickpocket 2012]
Soft Rocks – Look East [Soft Rocks Recordings 2006]
Prins Albert – Dies Ist Belgien [We Play House Recordings 2013]
40 Thieves – Chrystal Mountain Thunderfuck [Leng 2011]
Bastedos – Lights Out Baby [Bastedos 2013]
Crimea X – Varvara [Hell Yeah 2010]
Pili Pili – Exaltation [Jaro Medien 1988]
Pasteur Lappé – As Far As I Can Remember [Disques Espérance 1979]

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Packing the crates

I guess most DJs know that scenario: You have to prepare your next set, but you just don’t get the right feeling to do it.

One time it’s like you have the strongest record collection in the world and the next time you step onto your decks thinking: “What the heck did I buy all those records for? They won’t ever fit in any set I’ll ever play.”

Maybe speaking only for myself, but I want any single set to be special. I don’t want anybody to listen to the same records over and over, neither do I.

I can’t just have one set-up for a certain period and that’s it. Minimum effort by downloading a few of last week’s beatport tunes, but after all grabbing the same record bag, that was packed already two months ago. We all know, a lot of professional DJs do that. But thank god, I am no professional! Because I just can’t do that. For me it’s very important to push the reset button on my record bag every single time I go out to DJ. Of course, I have my own evergreens that sneak into the crate anytime. But most of the stuff changes. Sometimes slow, sometime hippie, sometimes trippy. And sometimes banging – the compilation should never be the same.

Sometimes I think, I should maybe grab all the tracks, that I compiled for the recent mixtapes and just play it down in the same order. People that loved the tapes would love to hear the tracks live, I am totally sure about that. But that would lack any chaos factor, a factor, that is very important in my opininion.

More important right now is what do the people tomorrow in Leipzig expect? How far can I go? The HWs and Paul are really into the Soft Rocky thing, but I am booked for the prime time night shift and HW’s Kon, who booked me, knows what he is doing. Anyway, stop thinking, start packing.

Here is one of my all time favourite records, I have almost always in my bag. In my opinion the best “I feel love” interpretation I know, just ba-ba-bangin’.

If I play this tomorrow I will probably pitch it down to -8. Otherwise it won’t fit to rest of the groove I want to build. Now this brings me into the right mood to drop Patrick Cowley’s “Right on Target” and blend it with Todd Terje & Lindstrom’s “Lanzarote” later.

Well, I tried to blend it meanwhile. Doesn’t sound right yet to be honest, but I will work on it. Just do it, do it, do it. Sometimes failing is better than not taking any risks, right? Speaking of Italo, I packed some older Mr Pauli & David Vunk track I only placed once. It worked pretty well, but I was also in love at that time. Let’s see what happens this time.

Now three hours are gone since I started writing this post. My bag I fully overloaded now and this was only step one of the process. The base of the package is a tripped mid-tempo sound, a lot of scandinavian over produced hifi disco from the past decade as well. But I also packed Daphni’s Yeye, this will be truly hard to bring into the mix, but the atmosphere in the track is still exactly what I want to bring to that beautiful open air garden venue tomorrow and so will it be.

Next step will be the more boring, but more comfortable procedure of selecting the digital stuff for the USB stick, but this is too digital to be blogged about.

Good night and hello Leipzig!

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Belgian New Beat

Some people say New Beat is back, others say is was never away and always cool. Let’s just consider Tragic Error’s Tanzen

Also from Belgium is the Red D’s label We Play House, which now releases a special EP dedicated to this Proto-Techno phenomenon Made in Belgium. Don’t know if I find this record cool or even a bit disgusting. I ordered a copy, anyway. Let’s see to which dancefloor we can bring this..

Also highly recommended is the slow New Beat oriented mixtape of my friend Padde Unhold. Very nice, very nice!

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For sure one of the biggest tunes this summer. Not a very special one, but it hits.

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